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Warehouse stainless steel platform


The warehouse stainless steel platform is to build a two-story (three-story or even higher) steel structure workbench on the existing workshop or warehouse site, changing the space from one floor to two floors, increasing the use of space, and each floor can carry 300 -1500kg. The goods are transported to the second floor by forklifts, elevators, or conveyor belts, and then transported to the designated location by hydraulic vehicles. It can also be designed as an assembly line, assembly center, or storage space.

The warehouse stainless steel platform, like the storage rack, generally adopts a fully assembled structure, usually consisting of a column (H-shaped steel), a main beam (H-shaped steel), a secondary beam (H/C/M-shaped steel), a floor (steel plate), a fence (square tube or pipe), stairs, etc. The load-bearing capacity of the warehouse steel structure platform is generally 500kg, and it can also reach 800-1000kg (warehouse rack).

steel platform

At the same time, the following factors need to be considered:

1. Seismic grade. 

2. The height of the warehouse steel platform, and the bearing capacity per square meter.

3. The interior and exterior settings of the stairs. 

4. Lighting system. 

5. The way to pick up the goods: lift, forklift, or slide. 

6. Many factors include whether drainage ditches and fire hydrants are needed.

Advantages of warehouse steel platform:

1. The warehouse stainless steel platform can fully use the warehouse space, the bottom can be used for production and storage, and the top can be used for storage or office.

2. The steel structure has a lightweight but has high rigidity. It is suitable for large-span and super-high and super-heavy buildings. The raw materials have good plastic deformation and flexibility and can have large deformation, which can well bear the driving force load (warehouse rack).

3. The construction period is short, the cost of raw materials is low, saving time and cost, and saving human capital.

4. Fully assembled structure, detachable. No pre-embedding is required, and the ground of the plant will not be damaged.

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