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What are the advantages of a steel platform?


The steel platform is also a two- or multi-level mezzanine designed flexibly according to the needs of the actual site. Everyone knows that the steel platform is made of steel, and it brings many benefits when it is still in use. During production, it also uses shelf columns as floor support, and the steel floor is flat, which has strong integrity, and strong and uniform bearing capacity. Therefore, it is mainly used in some places where the warehouse is high, the goods are small, manual access, and the access capacity is large. 

Therefore, the steel platform is very practical and wide-ranging. It is also possible to make full use of the saved warehouse space. The mezzanine floor can be supported by storage shelf racks, such as medium-duty storage shelves and heavy-duty storage racks, and then covered with support beams and floors. The advantage is that it must be used to store various items. In addition, it can increase the shelf height, and then make full use of the storage height and make better use of the storage space.

steel platform

Spieth really fully considers humanized logistics when designing, making it beautiful in design and generous in structure. In addition, it also has a strong three-dimensional sense, excellent structural steel material, excellent internal quality, bearing capacity and appearance, and installation. It is easy to disassemble and has some advantages according to the flexibility of the site. It can be applied to the situation of high warehouses, small goods, manual access, and large storage capacity.

We, Spieth Racking, are a professional manufacturer of various storage racks and shelves with several professional designers and provide all kinds of heavy-duty racks and light-duty storage shelves, all kinds of warehouse racks and storage shelves can be customized as customers request. If any inquiries, please feel free to contact with Spieth team.

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