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What are the principles for purchasing shelving and racking


In the process of purchasing shelving and racking, enterprises need to choose according to their own conditions. Before selecting shelving and racking, we need to know some principles in advance. The quality of shelving and racking depends not only on the shelf racking manufacturer, but also on the control of shelving and racking quality. How to select shelving and racking? We suggest that professional technicians should carry out measurement design for the warehouse. Only in this way can we maximize the utilization of warehouse space and minimize the possibility of problems in the future.

shelving and racking

1. The process of the shelving and racking.

The shelving and racking process is the most basic. Before the shelving and racking is formed, there are many processes. They all go through many links, such as degreasing, rust removal, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing, etc. The quality of powder also has advantages and disadvantages.

2. The loading of shelving and racking.

The safety of shelving and racking should be put first. Shelves and racks are generally used for the storage of goods. Different types of shelving and racking have their corresponding maximum bearing capacity. When the goods placed exceed the maximum bearing capacity of the shelf, it may lead to shelving and racking collapse and other accidents. Therefore, when storing goods, the maximum load of the shelving and racking must not be exceeded and the principle of placing heavy goods at the bottom and light goods at the top must be followed.

3. The style of the shelving and racking.

When selecting the shelving and racking, we will select the appropriate storage rack according to the use scenario of the shelving and racking and the type of goods and other factors. In many cases, the shelving and racking selected should also conform to the market trend. For example, supermarket shelves are used to place goods for customers to choose.

4. The quality of the shelving and racking.

When purchasing any product, we should pay attention to its quality, which is also the most important. Commodity quality is an important factor that must be considered when purchasing products. For the quality of the shelving and racking, we can see whether the surface treatment of the shelving and racking, the surface painting is smooth, flat and the color is consistent. There is also the welding process of the shelving and racking, which is very easy to identify. Just look at whether there is a welding gap. In addition, there is no uniform standard for the shelving and racking material in China. At present, steel shelves and racks are the largest variety in the market. From storage to supermarkets, steel shelves and racks have the largest sales. The reason should be that the raw materials of steel are cheap, and their mechanical properties and processing properties (such as weldability) are excellent.

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