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What if the storage shelf rusts


Storage shelves are prone to rust if they are not well maintained. How can we prevent rust on storage shelves?

Before sharing the rust removal methods, share with you the methods to avoid rust on the storage shelves. After all, even if the storage shelves are cleaned, they will have defects! In fact, the fundamental measure to prevent the storage shelf from rusting is moisture-proof. Next, let's share the moisture-proof and moisture-proof methods of storage shelves:

1) Try not to open the door of the warehouse where the storage shelves are placed;

2) Check whether there is water drop accumulation on the storage shelf at regular intervals;

3) Use a dry cloth to wipe the water droplets on the surface of the storage shelf to keep the surface of the storage shelf dry.

Of course, the moisture-proof and moisture-proof of storage shelves can not completely rely on the post maintenance management. The scheme design of storage shelves and the maintenance management of the warehouse in the early stage are also very important, such as:

1) Different regions take different climates as the design basis outside the reservoir;

2) The warehouse shall be sealed as a whole;

3) Do a good job in the drainage and leakage repair of the warehouse and the maintenance management of the warehouse at any time;

4) Regularly and regularly measure the humidity inside and outside the warehouse, as well as the wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, etc.

Removing the rust on the surface of the storage shelf not only maintains the storage shelf, but also beautifies the storage shelf to make it more beautiful and eye-catching. The most important thing is safety, because the storage shelf is used to store goods. Once the storage shelf rusts, the iron will be corroded by rust, so it will be very dangerous to reuse the storage shelf. Therefore, we must maintain the storage shelf to make it last longer.

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