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What is Starter Bay and Add-on Bay?


Many purchaser that have not been made to order storage shelves are not clear about the difference between the starter bay and the add-on bay of the heavy duty warehouse shelves. The starter bay and the add-on bay are distinguished in some types of storage shelves, but not all types of warehouse shelves are divided into these. Which types of warehouse shelves exist in the starter bay and add-on bay, and what are the differences?

Long span shelving

long span shelves

First of all, the starter bay is composed of two frames + beams and other components, these two frames are called the starter bay. The starter bay can be placed and used separately. If you want all the shelves to be placed and used separately, you can customize all the starter bay directly.

The add-on bay is composed of a frame and beam. The difference between two shelves is that it has one frame less than the starter bay. It cannot be placed and used separately. It needs to be connected with the starter bay before it can be used. For example, a row of shelves is divided into 10 small shelves, then they can be used together with one starter bay + 9 add-on bay.
Why we need to divide the starter bay and add-on bay? Because the add-on bay has one less frame than the starter one, the price will be cheaper than the starter bay. If you need to purchase the large quantity of warehouse shelves, it will be much cheaper for using the add-on bay more than the starter bay.

Normally warehouse shelves with starter bay and add-on bay are selective pallet racking type, long span shelving type and carton flow pallet racking type. Not every shelves has starter bay, in case waste of your cost, before purchasing a storage shelf you can figure out whether you need starter bay or add-on bay. 

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