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What problems can reasonable use of warehouse racks help enterprises solve in warehousing


We know that any item we can purchase requires a cost. Before purchasing warehouse racks, I want to know what the cost of heavy-duty warehouse racks is. This cost depends on the size of the warehouse and the type of rack selected.

Overall, choosing to invest in a certain number of warehouse racks is relatively cost-effective, especially from a long-term perspective. Warehouse racks have the following advantages:

1. Improve warehouse space utilization

The use of warehouse racks can reduce the floor area of the warehouse and improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse. Like mezzanine floors, they can form two or three layers of storage space, reducing the rental cost of enterprise warehouses. It can improve employees' work efficiency. If it is a drive-in rack, it can be used in conjunction with a forklift, reducing the labor intensity of employees and saving labor costs for enterprises.

2. Arrange the goods in an orderly manner.

Supermarket shelves can display supermarket products neatly and aesthetically, promoting customers' desire to purchase. It can turn the warehouse into an automated warehouse. Equipped with heavy-duty warehouse racks, electronic labels, and intelligent warehousing systems, we aim to build modern management warehouses for enterprises.

warehouse rack

3. Determine reasonable warehouse reserves.

The entire process of resources from procurement to production and then to customers requires several stages, and storage is required at almost every stage. By analyzing the optimal warehouse reserves for each logistics link, including raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products, and analyzing the speed of replenishing inventory, the inventory level is minimized, warehouse waste is minimized, and space occupation is minimized.

4. Optimize warehouse layout.

Centralizing scattered storage points in the past for unified management and direct distribution in the form of regions is beneficial for optimizing warehouse layout and improving warehouse operation efficiency. If the warehouse positioning system operates efficiently, it can greatly save time for searching, storing, and retrieving, save a lot of labor, prevent errors, and facilitate inventory. Improve the accuracy of warehouse operations, use advanced management models such as zero inventory for warehouse management, and ensure that inventory is known to be in a circulating and turnover state, achieving precision and minimization of inventory volume.

And the cost of the product is related to its own parameters. The warehouse racks used for storage are mostly made of precision steel, cold-rolled steel, etc. This type of steel itself is quite expensive. In addition, the procurement of warehouse racks belongs to batch procurement, and a large number of warehouse racks are used in a warehouse. In this way, the price will come up. But they are all within the customer's affordability range.
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