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What problems should we pay attention to when customizing heavy duty pallet racks?


In the enterprise warehouse, we can often see the use of pallet racks. The structure of this heavy duty pallet rack is composite steel goods. Warehousing logistics and its large, medium and small companies have broad integration space. It is well known that there are other names for heavy duty pallet racks, such as beam pallet racks, selective pallet racks, etc. This kind of pallet rack is also one of the heavy duty warehouse racks selected by many enterprises. Why do so many people choose this kind of rack? Because its structural advantages have become the first reason for the demand side to purchase.

The pallet rack is composed of bearing beam, prismatic hole column piece, diagonal brace, cross brace, etc. This kind of component can flexibly expand the space by adjusting the spacing of the rhombic holes on the column. It can be said that it is the most simple and practical, and it is also one of the most effective ways to cooperate with mechanical handling. So for enterprises, how to choose the right heavy duty pallet racks for their own warehouses?

heavy duty pallet rack

There are many factors to choose heavy duty pallet racks. For enterprises, the size and quantity of goods in the warehouse as well as the warehouse space determine the choice of heavy duty pallet racks. Because the goods placed in many warehouses are uncertain, you can't determine what goods will be placed on the warehouse racks in the future, because this factor also causes many enterprises to not know what kind of heavy duty pallet racks to choose. This will form a trend. Many enterprises will choose to design their own warehouse racks because they can only design the racks that best meet their needs when they understand their own needs.

1. Equipped with supporting equipment

When selecting warehouse racks, pay attention to the installation of supporting equipment. Different heavy duty warehouse racks have different supporting equipment. These equipment mainly play a role of protection, and can also make the warehouse racks more stable. This is something we must consider when choosing a rack.

2. Understand the cargo specifications

It is necessary to measure the large size of the goods placed in your warehouse. You need to know the size information of the goods to select the appropriate racks, so that you can better layout and make a reasonable layout plan.

3. Measuring site size

When selecting warehouse racks, you should measure the warehouse site, and select the warehouse rack size according to the site size, otherwise you cannot make the most reasonable use of the warehouse. There is also the load-bearing capacity of the ground, so you can choose the weight of the rack.

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