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Why does the warehouse rack need to be pickling and phosphating?


The warehouse rack is made of rolled iron raw material, so it is easy to rust. Therefore, rust removal and anti-rust engineering is a very important link. If the rust removal is not clean, the surface spray is easy to fall off; if the rust prevention project is not doing well, then the warehouse rack will be prone to rust in the areas where the spray is thin and scratched during the long-term use. The rusting of steel will greatly reduce the safety of the rack, and will seriously cause the warehouse rack to collapse.

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The most commonly used methods of rust removal and rust prevention are pickling, phosphating, spraying, or powder coating.

Pickling is putting steel in acid water so that the rust chemically reacts with the acid water to remove the rust. After pickling, it should be phosphate immediately; otherwise, the steel will chemically react with oxygen in the air to form rust. Phosphating is a process of chemical and electrochemical reaction to form a phosphate chemical conversion film, and the formed phosphate conversion film is called a phosphate film. The main purpose of phosphating is to provide protection for the base metal and prevent the metal from being corroded to a certain extent; it is used for priming before painting to improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability of the paint film and to reduce friction in the metal cold working process Lubricate use.

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