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How to Prolong The Service Life of Light Shelf


With the rapid development of modern logistics, as the basis of the logistics industry, the utilization rate of logistics auxiliary storage shelves is also increasing. Storage shelves are generally made of metal, with a certain bearing strength. Although the storage shelf does not need to pay attention to the appearance just like other products, but the stability, process problems, service time and so on have gradually become the issues of great concern to the consumers who buy the storage shelves. Each product has its own expiration date.

There are many factors that affect the shelf life, such as temperature, humidity, light, ventilation conditions and so on. If the humidity in the warehouse is too high, it will cause shelf rust, reduce the load-bearing capacity of the shelf and reduce the service life. What should we do to prolong the shelf life? Let's have a look.

1. Apply protective paint regularly to reduce rust, and fix the screw loose place in time. Make sure that the warehouse is not excessively humid.

2. Avoid excessive sunlight, ventilate the shelf reasonably, avoid placing wet goods on the shelf, and try to drain and dehumidify.

3. According to different shelves, channel width and delivery tools, a set of anti-collision post is equipped, and anti-collision guardrail is installed at the channel position.

4. The weight of the shelf placed on the shelf must be within the bearing range of the storage rack. The storekeeper can mark the load and limit load on the shelf, and follow the principle of heavy on the shelf and light on the floor.

5. The heavy-duty and high-rise shelf warehouses must be equipped with power pusher, and its use and operation can only be operated by a person with a certificate.

6. Stipulate the shelf use system. Different warehouses and different goods have different use methods of shelves in each warehouse. The warehouse manager should make good use of the shelf system, and let everyone in the warehouse learn to abide by it, so as to correctly use the storage shelf and prolong its service life.

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