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How to maintain warehouse racks?


The maintenance of warehouse racks is an essential part of warehouse management. It can extend the service life of the storage racks, improve the efficiency of the warehouse, and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. Therefore, warehouse managers should regularly maintain warehouse racks. The correct use and maintenance of racks can reduce rack damage, thereby reducing unnecessary costs for the company.

1. Avoid bumping during use

Warehouse racks generally store and retrieve goods frequently. During the process of storing and retrieving goods, forklifts are used to transport goods. During long-term transportation, it is inevitable that the forklift will cause collision damage to the racks. This will not only reduce the service life of the racks but also cause hidden dangers. safety hazards. Therefore, in order to avoid the collision of racks by forklifts, it is necessary to leave enough operating space and transportation roads when placing racks and to hire experienced operators, so as to fundamentally reduce the occurrence of collisions.

2. Clean with appropriate tools

Usually, there will be some dust when the racks are placed for a long time, so how to remove the dust? The answer is to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag to wipe the surface of the racks. Pay special attention to the depressions of the racks and make sure they are cleaned in place.

3. Steel racks should be kept away from acid and alkali

Many racks are now made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, so these steel racks must be kept away from acid and alkali, otherwise the convenience store racks will be corroded and affect their use.

4. Do not expose wooden racks to the sun

In addition to common steel racks, there are also some higher-end steel and wood racks. Steel-wood racks must not be exposed to the sun, and the racks must be placed away from windows exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, the paint on the racks may become discolored or the paint may dry out and peel off.

5. Keep dry and prevent moisture

Of course, the racks must also avoid moisture, because moisture will cause the metal to rust and chrome plating to peel off, so they should be kept away from humidifiers. In addition, the racks can be wiped with a damp cloth when cleaning, but cannot be cleaned directly with water.

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