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How to display supermarket shelves?


Supermarket sales are the use of self-selected sales of retail, goods are placed on the shelves, scientific arrangement of shelves and exhibition of goods can better attract customers, directly or indirectly improve the operational efficiency of the supermarket. General supermarket shelves should be placed to follow the following principles:

1. The display of shelves to follow an "easy" principle, will go to the large volume of goods, high brand awareness of the goods, and promotional products placed in conspicuous positions so customers can easily get the shelves.

2. To attract a part of the supermarkets who do not know what to buy consumer groups, supermarkets should consciously relate goods shelves, such as women's shelves and children's shelves, children's toys shelves set up adjacent to the consumers to send a hint to attract the attention of consumers.

3. Space allocation, should be able to attract customers shelves placed in different areas, will be arranged in other areas between the two areas, such as the traditional bakery products placed in the fresh food area and fast-consumption food such as milk in the middle.

4. Usually adjust the placement of shelves, from the point of view of the shopping mall, long-term fixed shelves, easy to lose the attention of customers to other items, and produce a feeling of stale and stagnant, appropriate adjustments to allow customers to re-search for the required items, by the attraction of other items, and at the same time, changes in the shopping malls to produce a refreshing sense of feeling; but adjustments should not be too often, so as not to cause customer resentment.

Supermarket shelves are generally two meters high, divided into four or five layers, the best display section of such shelves is in the upper section and the middle section of the segment between the second and third layer of the shelves, this position is generally used to display high-profit commodities, own-brand commodities, agents or distributors of goods, the upper layer is usually displayed in need of recommended commodities, the lower layer of the sales cycle is usually into a period of decline of the goods.

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