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How do we maximize the value of the rack warehouse?

In actual warehousing activities, how to use limited storage space to maximize the value of the rack warehouse? We have summarized some very effective warehousing techniques as below:

1. Cargo storage management for rack warehouse aisles. 

Storing goods facing the aisle is a relatively basic principle to make it easier for items to be stored in the rack warehouse and to make operations such as moving goods within the rack warehouse more convenient.

2. Stack goods as high as possible

When warehousing goods, try to stack the goods as high as possible. The direct benefit of this is obviously to improve the utilization of three-dimensional storage space and improve storage efficiency. Stacking them as high as possible can also prevent breakage and other problems while ensuring safety. Therefore, modern warehouse warehousing should use various storage racks as much as possible to store and store goods in three-dimensional space.

rack warehouse

3. Choose product placement based on goods shipping frequency

When choosing a good location, it should be selected based on the frequency of shipments. Goods with a relatively high frequency of shipments and purchases should be placed close to the entrance and easy to operate at any time; items with relatively poor mobility should be placed a little further from the entrance and exit, and items with high seasonality should be placed according to the seasonality to select a specific warehouse location.

4. Place similar items together

The same kind of items should be kept in the same place. This is the need to improve work efficiency. In this way, the familiarity of warehouse managers with the location of items in the rack warehouse directly affects the storage time. Placing similar items in nearby places is also one of the important ways to improve work efficiency.

5. Arrange storage locations based on cargo weight

Arrange the storage location reasonably according to the weight of the goods. For example, put heavy things on the bottom, put light things on the top of the shelf, etc. Large items that require manual handling should be carried at a high position around the waist.

6. Special items stored in special ways

Special items such as fragile goods should be handled on a first-in, first-out basis as much as possible, which is more conducive to quick turnover. Due to the diversification, personalization, and general shortening of the service life of goods, this principle is very important.
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