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Factors to consider when customizing warehouse storage racks


Warehouse layout planning can determine the type and size of warehouse storage racks, make full use of storage space, and achieve effective and reasonable warehousing. Perfect planning can also obtain accurate cargo quotations and accurate cargo quotations, allowing warehouse operators to better budget. Some warehouse rack companies lacking core technical personnel can act as agent processing plants. Only experienced warehouse storage racking technicians can give a more reasonable plan.

warehouse storage rack

1. Warehouse environment

Since warehouses use storage racks, the first factor to consider is the physical environment of the warehouse, including the area of the warehouse; the physical environment of the warehouse: ventilation, lighting, ground load-bearing, fire protection, etc.; the direction of placing the warehouse storage racks, etc., the type of goods placed and quantity.

2. Goods conditions

Different goods require different types of warehouse storage racks. We need to consider the shape, and size (length, width, and height) of each cargo space, the weight of each cargo hold, whether it is conducive to orderly stacking, and other factors.

3. Storage and retrieval methods of goods

How the goods are placed on the storage racks is also considered when choosing warehouse racks. The tool rack can be accessed manually. It is necessary to consider whether the height is convenient for the operator to enter and exit, whether the weight of each cargo unit can be conveniently handled, and whether the warehouse rack width can be obtained; it is necessary to consider whether the lifting height of the handling tool can be increased to the top height of the warehouse rack and whether the height of the storage rack can be increased. Whether the passage between them can meet the operation of handling tools.

4. Various personalization factors

Some warehouse storage racks have certain personalized requirements, such as cold storage racks; factors such as whether they are protected from light require special treatment and are designed according to the requirements. Efficiency has always been an important prerequisite for logistics warehouse rack planning. A short planning cycle means that operators can realize benefits faster, which involves efficiency issues, supplier solution speed, production cycle, installation and commissioning cycle, etc. Some logistics and warehousing companies will budget in the first few months and then calculate the investment. Some warehousing and logistics companies are new warehouses and require quick investment.

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