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What Racks and Equipment Are Needed In the Medical Warehouse?

  The pharmaceutical industry has always been a hot industry, especially in the present environment. The growth of the pharmaceutical industry has led to the fever of medical storage facilities. Then, what racks and equipment do we need to install in the medical warehouse?

  Mezzanine floor rack. Mezzanine floor rack used in medical warehouse can increase the storage space and access some light bubbles and small and medium goods. The goods are usually transported by forklift trucks, hydraulic lifting platforms or cargo ladder to the two and third floors and then sent to a certain position by light trolley or hydraulic pallet truck.
  The mezzanine floor racks for medical warehouses usually use a medium shelf or heavy shelf as the main body and the support of the floor panel (according to the total load of the unit shelves to determine which kind of shelves). The floor slab usually selects cold-rolled steel floor, corrugated steel floor or steel grid floor. So the medicine warehouse attic shelf has many applications in auto parts, automobile 4S stores, light industry, electronics and other industries.

  Heavy-duty warehouse pallet rack. Warehouse pallet rack, as the most common type of racking system, also commonly known as cross-beam rack or cargo rack. The fully assembled structure with columns and beams is simple and effective in structure. Furthermore, warehouse pallet rack can be equipped with steel or wood plate, wire mesh decking, wire mesh cage and other functional accessories to meet the storage needs of different goods.

  Handling equipment. It refers to all kinds of wheeled vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods. The two most common type are pallet truck and forklift. With rated weight, load center distance, maximum lift height, door frame angle, maximum driving speed, minimum turning radius, minimum clearance and wheelbase, wheelbase and so on,they are essential for "Super Porter" in the medical warehouse.

  Wire mesh cage. wire mesh cage is another equipment in the medical warehouse, also called warehouse cage, wire container. It is a very important kind of logistics container in storage and transportation, which has the advantages of storing the goods in a fixed capacity, stacking clean, storing at a glance, easy to keep inventory and so on.  At the same time, it also improves the efficient utilization of storage space. The wire mesh cage can be folded freely when it is not needed, so as to save warehouse space.

  All of these are the medical warehouse shelves equipment that should be equipped and installed in the medical warehouse. Spieth, a  manufacturer that professionally produces various warehouse storage racks, totally will be at your service.
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