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What kinds of laminates are there for heavy duty racks?


Common heavy duty warehouse racks in warehouses use pallets for rapid storage, so heavy duty warehouse racks generally do not have laminates on their components, but there are exceptions. Sometimes heavy duty warehouse racks also use laminates for storage, and laminate styles. The choices are nothing more than steel laminates, wooden laminates and steel laminates. Generally, laminates are mostly used, and wooden laminates are cheaper than steel plates. For products with special needs, the number of nets or plates and reinforcing ribs can be selected according to the load bearing capacity. The following are some of the style features of heavy duty shelf laminates:

(1) Steel laminates

Steel laminate is the most widely used type of laminate shelf. It has beautiful appearance, wear-resistant surface and reinforced ribs under the plate. Generally, one layer is divided into 2 or 3 small plates.

(2) Wooden laminates

For customers who want simplicity and practicality, we can choose wooden laminate shelves. The wooden laminate materials are high-density plywood, particleboard and density board. You can choose whether the surface is plastic-coated or not.

(3) Wire mesh decks

If you have special needs and consider products that are ventilated, breathable, and beautiful, we recommend that you choose wire mesh decks. To meet different load-bearing needs.

The above is an introduction to the style and characteristics of heavy duty shelf laminates. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. However, since heavy duty warehouse racks are suitable for both multi-variety and small-volume items as well as small-variety and large volume items, the requirements for selecting laminates are different. Therefore, considering the storage safety of heavy duty warehouse racks, we recommend that when faced with the choice of laminates for heavy duty warehouse racks, It will be decided based on actual needs and circumstances.

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