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The differences between radio shuttle racks and drive through racks


In modern large-scale rack warehouses, radio shuttle racks and drive through racks are very common. These two types of storage racks are also widely installed and used in bulk product warehouses, production and processing industries, e-commerce warehousing, and cold storage warehousing. So what are the differences between radio shuttle racks and drive through racks?

drive through rack

1. Storage method.

The drive through rack is also called a drive-in rack. As the name suggests, it needs to manually drive a forklift into the interior of the rack to access the goods; while the radio shuttle rack is different. When the radio shuttle rack works, the goods only need to use a forklift. They can be transported to the front of the radio shuttle rack, placed on the waiting shuttle, and stored by automatic operation.

2. The stability of the storage rack.

Due to the need for dense storage features, the interior of the drive through rack has reduced some of the components that support stability. Since the forklift works inside, it is very likely that it will touch the storage rack, causing it to shake and other problems. Due to the intensive storage of goods, the higher the load on the rack, the greater the burden on the rack, so it is not recommended to make the drive in rack too high to improve its stability and safety. The radio shuttle rack, because of its automation requirements, will take a more comprehensive consideration of safety, and personnel basically do not need internal control, which minimizes the threat to the safety of the storage rack.

radio shuttle rack

3. Storage turnover rate.

Drive in racks have better cargo throughput than general storage racks due to their continuous continuity. However, drive-in racks are still dominated by manual operations. The radio shuttle rack, due to the automated operation of its shuttle car, is more efficient than the drive-in type. Whether it is inventory or pickup, it is faster and better than the drive through rack. Therefore, the cargo turnover rate and overall operating efficiency of radio shuttle racks are different from those of drive in racks.

The return on investment of radio shuttle racks is higher than that of drive-in racks. Although the input cost of radio shuttle racks in the early stage is higher than that of general warehouse racks including drive through racks. However, in the process of use, especially with the advancement of time, the advantages of high operation efficiency and low maintenance cost will be clearly manifested.

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