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Forklift selection considerations


The following two issues should be noted when using the shelves and forklifts:

1. forklift and load the configuration 1.5T 1.8T 2T 2.5t 3T, choose what kind of configuration and procurement needs to know the weight of goods. The highest elevation of the fork. As with the increase of height, the maximum weight of the forklift safety gradually decrease.

2. motor forklift diesel forklift, battery forklift. There are mainly because of the internal and external configurations is two. Relatively, battery the forklift is less powerful than the diesel forklifts.

3. forklift lifting height, taking into account general operating requirements, warehouse, along with higher warehouse, forklift lift height properly to look from the standard configuration of the 3-5 m, 5 m, 5 m and 6 m, and Usually separated by low level and high level operation. Considering many combinations to reduce the total procurement costs.

4. forklift high. Considering that the forklift has to enter the inside of the container, high forklifts are also taken into account. The net height of 2-3 m or less into the container and requires two at least from the masts. However, the lifting height of forklift mast at the peak of the conflict. If the height is too high, is a giant three height of each section, or two bridge is 2-4 m, so two is not available.


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