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General knowledge of daily maintenance of shelves


With the development of social economy, the utilization rate of storage shelves are higher and higher. Unlike ordinary goods, the most important thing is the quality or its service time rather than the appearance. There are many factors that can affect the service time of storage shelves, such as temperature, humidity, light and ventilation conditions of the warehouse. If the humidity of the warehouse is too high, it will lead to rust, reduce the load-bearing capacity of the shelf and reduce the service life. In fact, extending the service life of storage shelves is inseparable from daily basic maintenance. The following is a practical general knowledge of daily maintenance of storage shelves recommended for you!

1. Apply protective paint regularly to reduce rust, do a good job of daily inspection, whether there are loose screws, fix them in time, do a good job of timely ventilation, and keep the warehouse from excessive humidity.

2. Avoid excessive sunlight, reasonably ventilate the shelves, prevent wet goods from being placed on the shelves, and drain and dehumidify as much as possible.

3. A set of anti-collision posts shall be equipped according to different shelves, channel widths and transportation tools.

4. Specify the shelf use system. For different warehouses and different goods, the shelves of each warehouse have different convenience methods. Warehouse managers should formulate shelf use system, so that each shelf user can learn and abide by it, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

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