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Heavy duty storage cantilever racks


For some goods with relatively special specifications, common storage racks cannot be directly stored, and warehouse rack types need to be customized for these special specifications. For example, long-shaped goods need to be customized with heavy-duty cantilever storage racks for storage. It is not easy to use other types of heavy-duty storage racks to achieve the desired storage effect. What are the characteristics of heavy-duty cantilever racks?

cantilever racks

Cantilever racks, also known as lumber racks or pipe racks, are heavy-duty storage racking systems. They are specially designed to store long and bulky items or materials as well as irregular items such as wood, plywood, PVC, steel pipe and metal or bar stock pipe, etc. For this reason, storage cantilever racks are the preferred solution for storing heavy items such as furniture, boats, rebar, PVC pipes, iron pipes, and various long, bulky, and heavy items.

The cantilever can be single or double, and the goods are stored on the cantilever fixed to the column. It is also possible to increase the use of decks or pallets, which shows that in addition to storing long and long goods, it can also store other types of goods, with a high degree of flexibility.

Heavy-duty storage cantilever racks are mainly used for manual and forklift storage and retrieval. The arm length is generally designed to be within 1.2 meters. Of course, if 1.2 meters is not enough, it can also be designed according to actual needs, but it requires high technical content and requires professional mechanical software analysis and evaluation to ensure its storage safety.

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