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How to choose a storage rack manufacturer?


With the development of the times, the development of the warehousing and logistics industry has gradually matured, and the scale of related enterprises has gradually increased. For different companies, storage racks may be used. The purpose of storage racks is to store goods. Currently, there are many manufacturers of storage racks on the market, and their services and product quality are also uneven. So for customers, how should they choose a storage rack manufacturer?

1. Understand the quality of racks

Rack quality is the core issue when choosing a rack manufacturer. As the customer's enterprise grows in size, more and more goods are likely to be stored. If the quality of the rack is not good, it may lead to insufficient load-bearing capacity. , leading to safety problems in subsequent use.

2. Is the service life of the rack long enough?

The length of rack life depends on product quality, packaging materials, packaging methods and circulation environmental conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to understand whether the rigidity and strength used in the racks meet industry standards, whether they have obtained product quality test approval, and whether the equipment and processes for surface pretreatment and spraying of the accessories used in the racks are complete. Before leaving the factory for transportation, check whether the racks are packed in a rain-proof and anti-collision package to ensure that the rack surface is intact.

3. Is the rack convenient to use?

This is an issue that many companies often overlook when purchasing storage racks, because if they do not pay attention to this issue, it may cause unnecessary trouble in the later work. Because if it is troublesome to get the goods, many things will not be easy to handle, and working hours will be increased. In this way, if the enterprise has frequent incoming and outgoing warehouses, the workload of the staff will be greatly increased.
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