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Introduction to stacking rack


1. Stacking

When not in use, the stacking rack can be stacked one by one like a magic show, which is not only convenient for management, but also saves storage space. Qiao fixed frame not only considers the full utilization of warehouse space, but also ensures that pallet goods are not squeezed and saves space. After stacking, the stacking rack can store the pallet goods like a combined shelf, which can be placed freely according to the specific conditions of the place. It can also store the goods independently to form an individual, which is convenient and fast to move, which brings the convenience of storing goods to the warehouse managers

2. Convenient and fast transportation

The stacking rack has the function of pallet, which can not only be used independently, but also be used together with various shelves. It can be used with iron pallet, plastic pallet, wooden pallet, etc. in addition, the four-way fork of forklift is considered for convenient, fast and free transportation.

3. Wide application fields

The stacking rack can be placed freely according to the site conditions and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for product storage in any industry. It can be applied to e-commerce warehouse, bonded area warehouse, third-party warehouse, etc. it is not only suitable for constant temperature warehouse, but also suitable for cold storage.

Considering the requirements of mechanized handling equipment, the stacking rack can be applied to many important links such as transportation,loading and unloading, and storage. During transportation, the stacking rack can effectively protect the goods from damage and ensure the safety of the goods.

4. It can be stacked for storage

It is convenient, fast and reliable. It can be sleeved together when not in use, saving warehouse space.

stacking rack

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