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Light duty slotted angle steel shelving


If you are looking for light duty goods storage,which is suitable for use in homes or small offices,our slotted angle steel shelving will meet your need very well, customized sizes and colors are available here,the most popular colors we made here are deep grey, light grey, white,and black...ect,this kind of storage shelving is made by a strong steel structure,which will not rust,chip,warp,or crack,which can withstand the harshest working environments. 

It is an economical storage solution, providing brackets,gussets,or panels.These two different types of columns can be cut and bolted into various shapes (workbenches,shelves, tables,etc.),it can be constructed quickly and economically. Anyone can carry out construction without any special tools or skills.This type of shelving system is 100% reusable because it does not require any painting,drilling,or welding.Slotted corner shelves are compatible with other leading brands and models,and can be easily designed and manufactured to fit any specifications.

slotted angle steel shelving

Advantages and features of slotted angle steel shelving:

*Quick assembing without any special tools and skills, easy to do it by yourself very fast.

*Design and build anything according to your specifications.

*Reusable without painting, drilling,or welding.

*Ideal for a variety of industries and applications,including Warehouse application,Workshop,factory,Storage room,Tool bed...ect.

Spieth is a leading manufacturer and exporter for warehouse steel storage racking systems and material handling equipments,we provide tailored solutions to meet various storage needs and increase as much capacity and efficiency as possible in your warehouse.Spieth offer the best storage solutions to the demands from all over the world at the most affordable price,  and our company attaches great importance to the racking designs and product quality. Our racks has been deemed worthy of the INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL QUALITY AWARD, and have developed and completed with the use of modern technology in a way that is sensitive to public health and the environment,by ensuring the occupational safety of industrial standard. For more about us, welcome to visit our website here:  https://www.topracking.com
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