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The "red line" that cannot be touched when using warehouse racks


With the development of the economy, while modern enterprises are pursuing high efficiency, high quality, and high profits, their behind-the-scenes warehousing supplies are also constantly improving high-convenience, high-density warehousing performance. It can not only save energy and protect the environment but also reduce business costs. Therefore, to better become the right-hand man of modern enterprises, the use of warehouse racks in the warehousing industry must strictly abide by principles.

Prevent overloading

The first is to prevent overloading. Although the best thing about the warehousing industry is its high-density storage capacity, no matter whether it is light, heavy, or medium duty shelf racks, they must not exceed the standard weight of the warehouse racks. It is also necessary to follow the storage principle of light at the top and heavy at the bottom. Any rack has a load-bearing specification weight range before design. Once the warehouse is overloaded with goods, the warehouse rack may collapse at any time, which brings safety risks to warehouse managers. It will undoubtedly increase the workload of warehouse personnel and bring immeasurable losses to the enterprise, which is not worth the gain.

warehouse rack

Prevent impact

The second is to prevent collisions. The width of the warehouse rack placement should be designed according to the cargo access range. When the forklift is accessing the cargo, the forklift operator must be rigorous and strictly follow the operation. It is best to hire experienced operators to prevent knocking down the warehouse racks.

Prevent changes to rack structure

The last step is to prevent changes to the rack structure. The principle of rack customization is to design the rack load-bearing capacity based on the goods and to make it safe to install and use. Warehouse managers are not allowed to change the warehouse rack structure at will. Private disassembly and assembly to change the original design structure will cause sharp losses. The load-bearing capacity of the racks will destroy the overall use of the warehouse racks and shorten the service life of the warehouse racks.

The above are the three prevention principles that must be followed when using warehouse racks. There are a large number of goods in the warehouse. Correct use of warehouse racks will not cause material loss. Proper maintenance can also extend the service life of the racks.
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