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Using radio shuttle racks to double the company's performance


Storage racks are essential equipment for storing goods, mostly used in warehouses, workshops, and cold storage facilities of enterprises. Many people think that storage racks are similar and don't care about using one type. When purchasing, they will choose the cheaper type. The function of warehouse racks is far more than just storing goods. To double the company's performance, perhaps only one set of multi-layer radio shuttle racks is missing.

Why do you say that? The efficiency of goods entering and exiting the warehouse, as well as the ability to efficiently connect workshops, factories, and other warehouses, directly affects the production and sales of goods. If people operate directly, the efficiency is inevitably low and the error rate is high. If multi-layer radio shuttle racks and supporting intelligent equipment are used, such as AGV forklifts and AGV cars, can the efficiency in all aspects be improved by 8-10 times or even higher.

More importantly, it can save hundreds of thousands to hundreds of cubic meters of labor and other management costs for a year. So, multi-layer radio shuttle racks not only increase efficiency but also greatly save costs. The warehouse, factory, and workshop are all well-managed, and doubling performance is not a difficult task. Are you still hesitating?
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