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What are the precautions for customizing warehouse racks?


Warehouse racks are a very common and advantageous product in the logistics and warehousing industry. Their emergence, continuous updates, upgrades, and renovations have provided tremendous convenience to related industries. Moreover, one of the most prominent advantages of racks is that they support customization. So what are the precautions for relevant enterprises when customizing warehouse racks?

warehouse rack

1. Maximize the utilization of warehouse space.

In order to save costs, the fundamental reason why every enterprise chooses to customize warehouse racks is to store more goods in the inherent space. Therefore, maximizing the utilization of customized rack space is an important criterion for warehouse rack planning.

2. It is important to choose the appropriate rack type.

The continuous development of warehouse racks has spawned many categories, and different categories are applicable to different industries. Of course, the goods stored are also different. For example, light duty shelves are only suitable for products with multiple categories and complexity, while drive in racks are only suitable for storing a single item. Therefore, before customization, it is necessary to clarify the type of goods in the warehouse.

3. Fully understand the layout of the warehouse

When customizing warehouse rack, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the layout of the warehouse. A comprehensive understanding of the layout of the warehouse, reasonable and scientific layout, reduction of space waste in dead corners, and the need for neat and aesthetically pleasing layout are the necessary paths for planners to arrange on-site customized racks.

4. Choose a reliable manufacturer.

Only reliable manufacturers can provide you with better suggestions and solutions, and the design, production, and transportation are very rigorous, without any particularly low-level errors. It should be noted that these low-level errors can delay many things, such as wasting funds and delaying work progress. If necessary, it is best to go to the manufacturer's factory for on-site inspection.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the quality of warehouse racks. The quality of warehouse racks can be inspected, touched, measured, and other methods to check whether the welding joints of the warehouse racks are flat and lubricated and whether the colors are uniform.
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