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The advantages of double deep pallet racking


The structure of double deep pallet racking system, which is the best compromise between selective pallet racking systems and high-density pallet racking systems, is a type of storage racking that evolved from beam pallet racking. Double deep pallet racks are also called double-depth racks because their cargo space is deeper than ordinary beam pallet racks, so double deep pallet racks have used the equipment for accessing and retrieving goods a scissor forklift, and ordinary forklifts cannot be used to access goods. The storage rate of double deep pallet racks is also higher. The storage rate of double deep pallet racks is twice that of ordinary beam racks. Let’s take a look at what are the characteristics of double deep pallet racks.

1. Double deep pallet racks use four sets of storage racks arranged side by side, which can effectively reduce the number of rack channels. Double deep pallet racks can store more than twice as many pallets as ordinary racks, so their storage capacity is much higher than that of ordinary beam racks.

2. Because the depth of the double deep pallet racks has multiple cargo spaces, first-in-first-out cannot be implemented. The goods behind need to be taken out to access the goods inside.

3. Double deep pallet racks are assembled warehouse racks, so they are easy to install and disassemble. They can be assembled and disassembled anytime and anywhere, and the cost is low.

4. The operating height can reach 8 meters, medium inventory flow and 50% selectivity are provided. It is suitable for warehouses with low pickup rates. The floor utilization rate can reach 42%. The warehouse utilization rate is high and the selectivity is good.

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