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What is the load capacity of each layer of heavy duty racks related to?


Heavy duty racks with reasonable structure design, convenient installation and disassembly, high cost performance, wide use range, high space utilization, etc. have been widely used in manufacturing, Third-party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. Heavy duty racks have a strong load-bearing capacity, so what is the relationship between the load-bearing capacity of each layer of heavy duty racks?

The heavy-duty rack is one of the storage racks with the strongest load-bearing capacity, and its load-bearing capacity can generally reach over 500kg per layer. Of course, we need to eliminate these hidden dangers during the use of it to ensure the safe use of heavy duty racks to a higher extent.

Quality of storage racks

Firstly, the quality of the industrial storage racks is mainly influenced by materials and prices. The material composition of heavy-duty racks is very simple, consisting of three types: columns, beams, and laminates. Due to its strong load-bearing capacity, the product thickness must meet relevant standards to ensure the quality of the warehouse storage racks. In addition, heavy-duty racks are relatively expensive compared to other lightweight shelves and mezzanine floors. We must not choose customization due to the low price temptation of manufacturers, as this can only cause greater losses, Whether it is in terms of manpower or material resources.

Stability of storage racks

Additionally, it is important to ensure the stability of the storage racks during use. The stability of industrial storage racks is mainly affected by the type of site, the weight of goods stored on the storage racks, and the structure of the storage racks. The uneven and uneven warehouse floor is the most direct cause of storage rack instability. Furthermore, when storing goods, it is important not to be overweight, as each storage rack has a certain load-bearing capacity. Overweight is very unsafe and can also affect rack stability. Some industrial storage racks, although they have good load-bearing capacity, However, due to its own rack structure, it can also lead to unstable warehouse storage racks. Only by eliminating instability can we ensure the normal operation of the warehouse and ensure the safety of staff and equipment.

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