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Maintenance Skills of Steel Pallet


Steel pallets are all iron products. Although they are all externally treated, there are also external elements that corrode the external surface in the process of application, and then corrode the box itself. How can the application and protection methods extend the service life! Let's have a brief look.

1. Damp proof.

In foggy weather, wipe off the water drops on the surface with dry cotton cloth; in rainy days, wipe off the water drops in time after the rain stops.

2. Avoid bumping.

This is the first point to be noticed after purchasing the steel tray. The steel tray should be placed with care in the process of transfer; the place where the exhibition frame is placed should be the place where hard objects do not often touch; once the place is selected, it should not be changed frequently; the place where the steel tray is placed should also be flat, so that the four legs of the exhibition frame are stable. If it shakes unsteadily, it should be used within the bearing range in the loading process to prevent excessive shape It's not used properly.

3. Keep away from acid and alkali.

Acid and alkali, which are corrosive to steel trays, are the "number one killers" of iron cages. If acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) and alkali (such as methylalkali, soapy water and soda water) are accidentally stained on the steel tray, clean the dirty place with clean water immediately, and then dry it with dry cotton cloth.

4. Keep away from the sun.

The position of the steel tray is best to avoid the direct sunlight outside the window. If the steel tray is exposed to the sun for a long time, the paint color will change; the paint layer will crack and fall off, and the metal will be oxidized.

5. Keep away from moisture.

Indoor humidity should be maintained within normal value. The steel tray should be far away from the humidifier, the metal will be rusted when it is wet, and the chromium plating will be stripped. When cleaning the steel tray, do not use boiling water to clean, use wet cloth to wipe, but do not use running water to wash.

6. Remove rust.

If the steel tray rusts, don't sand it with sandpaper. If the rust is small and shallow, apply cotton yarn dipped in engine oil on the rust. After a while, wipe it with cloth to eliminate the rust. If the rust has already expanded and become heavy, relevant skilled personnel should be invited to repair it.

7. During the operation of forklift, ensure the stability of skills and prevent the box from being damaged by forklift.

Steel tray the above points for attention, the correct use can better play the role of the product, play the role of the product at the same time to cherish the product, if you want to know more, welcome to consult.

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