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Mezzanine floor racks that increase your warehouse storage capacity by 6 times


As we all know, customizing warehouse racks is mainly to improve storage capacity and storage and retrieval efficiency, solve problems such as warehouse disorganization, effectively connect production links, form a planned and arranged production chain, and greatly improve production capacity. Let’s take a look at how storage mezzanine floor racks can increase your warehouse storage capacity by 6 times.

Mezzanine floor racks are customized storage racks that need to be designed and customized according to the conditions of the goods and warehouse. They are not available in stock. Customization can meet the needs of different customers, such as storage requirements, efficiency requirements, etc. Mezzanine floor racks can be designed with 2-4 floors on the floor, and the height of each floor is about 2 meters. In addition to the floor level, racks and shelves can also be designed to be used in combination. This design can greatly increase the storage capacity.

Mezzanine floor racks can also be used with equipment such as hydraulic lifting platforms to improve storage and retrieval efficiency and save labor costs. It can be seen that the mezzanine floor rack storage can not only be increased six times, but the storage and retrieval efficiency can also be greatly improved.
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