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What is push back rack?


Push-back racking is a storage method that allows pallets to be stored 2 to 6 depths on either side of the aisle, giving you greater storage density than traditional forms of racking.

With push-back pallet racking, you can combine the density of drive-in racking while still offering single-lane optionality.

Wheeled carts are stacked in the pick lanes of each lane. A pallet is placed on the top cart, then the next pallet is loaded and the forklift pushes it back to reveal the cart below.

The process continues until all trolleys have been used and the last pallet is parked on the track. When the tray is taken out, the tray behind will automatically flow forward, resulting in a safe process.

Advantages of push-back racks

---The most important features of push-back systems are their ability to optimize the available space and quickly load and unload material. 

---Ability to provide selective storage and high-density storage.

---Provides up to 2 to 3 times more storage space compared to standard selective racking.

---Push-back racking requires almost no maintenance.

---Columns receive less damage as the forklift does not enter the system.

---LIFO push-back racking structures feature safety mechanisms for controlling and braking loads, ---reducing risks with shuttle and roller systems and ensuring safe operation.

Disadvantages of push-back racks

---Only the tray at the front of the system is easily accessible.

---Because the system is on a slight slope, some vertical height storage space may be lost.

---The FILO rotation (first in, last out) method is not suitable for projects that require precise date rotation.

---Limited to 4-5 pallets deep.

---Loads are the mechanisms that drive other loads in the system, so load integrity is a key ---consideration. Some loads are not strong enough to push back effectively.
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