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Spieth hydraulic dock ramp


If you are looking for a ramp to be lifted at different heights to load or unload the goods, our hydraulic dock ramp will be a good choice for you.

Spieth hydraulic dock ramp is a special auxiliary equipment, its height can be adjusted with the different heights of lorries, which allows forklifts and other moving vehicles to enter into the truck directly and handle the goods. The yard ramp is mobile and controlled by a manual hydraulic system, so only one person can operate it conveniently. It enables you to reduce the amount of labor and raise working efficiency, it’s suitable for material handling, warehouses, wharves, logistics center, working places ect. 

Advantages of hydraulic dock ramp:

1. Manual hydraulic elevator system It's equipped with a handle hydraulic device adjusting the working height directly, which doesn't need electricity.

2. Fold-down transition board The tail and transition plate and forklift folding hook can be convenient for mobile climbing. 

3. Adjustable length Hinge Chains hook vehicles, make climbing and vehicles even shift always close together. 

4. Heavy-duty mobile tires Mobile wheels adopt solid tires, need not be inflatable, are durable, cooperate with brake pad, and guarantee operation safety. 

5. Adjustable height supporting legs Prevent forklift into vehicle gravity concentrate on vehicle tail produce car overturned. Can fully guarantee the operation safety. The different heights of vehicles, suitable for height adjustment of vehicles 

6. Bridge body structure Bridge body strength, high bearing capacity bridge by high strength manganese steel body: compound high strength, the characteristics of large carrying capacity.

7. Antiskid steel nets Adopting a special rhombic grid plate can ensure excellent slip resistance, which benefits the forklift to climb. Even though the work meets rain or snow, the antiskid platform can ensure that work not to be affected.

Main Technical Data of Loading and Unloading Equipment Yard Ramp:

Capacity (t) Adjustable Range (m) Overall Dimension (mm) Main beam Net weight (kg)
6 1.1-1.8 11300*2100*1100 80*160*4mm  -4 2450kg
8 1.1-1.8 11300*2100*1100 80*160*4mm  -5 2550kg
10 1.1-1.8 11300*2100*1100 80*160*4mm--5 2650kg
12 1.1-1.8 11300*2100*1100 100*200*5mm--5 3000kg

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