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What information do you need to know before quoting a custom storage rack?


With the rapid development of the economy today, our lives have undergone tremendous changes. People's demands for quality of life have become increasingly high, leading to the rapid development of various industries, so comes the international standardized logistics and warehousing industry, allowing them to choose different types to meet their unique storage requirements, Spieth is a leading manufacturer for warehouse storage racks and shelves, all our racks are a custom made service, we don’t keep any in stock, so we will need your confirmation, below some example: 

selective pallet rack

For selective pallet racks:

1. Your warehouse layout plan?

2. The racking size L*D*H?

3. How many racking levels?

4. What is the max weight load per level?

5. How many starter bays and addon bays? 

6. Need any racking plates or pallet support bars?

7. Your pallet dimensions L*W*H (include goods+pallet height), and which way is the fork entry way?

drive in rack

For drive in racks:

1. Your warehouse temperature?

2. Your warehouse layout plan?

3. The racking size L*D*H? how many beam levels, and what is the max weight loading capacity per beam level?

4. Your pallet dimensions L*W*H, height include stored goods please, and which way is the fork entryway?

mezzanine floor

For mezzanine floor racks

1. Your warehouse layout plan includes warehouse Length*Width*Height?
2. How many tiers for the mezzanine floor rack? do you have the rack dimensions L*D*H?

3. What is the max weight loading capacity for the beam and floor grating?

4. Need steel shelving panels or wire mesh decks? 

5. what kind of floor grating?

cantilever rack

For cantilever racks:

1. your warehouse layout plan?
2. need double side or single-side rack?

3. how many arm levels?

4. what is the max weight loading per arm level?

5. how many starter bays and add-on bays?

With the above basic information, we can design and estimate the project cost, hope this helps you.

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