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What should I pay attention to when using the elevator for the warehouse mezzanine floor?


Among many warehouse rack categories, warehouse mezzanine floors are increasingly purchased by many large and medium-sized enterprises due to their own advantages. Excellent warehouse utilization, high stability, and compatibility have prompted their continuous attention in the warehousing industry. The warehouse mezzanine floor itself is relatively simple, which is equivalent to building a new platform on the original warehouse rack, which can generally reach three layers. On each layer, it can be placed on different types of warehouse racks according to the needs of goods placement, for example, it can continue to place light and medium-duty longspan shelves on the warehouse mezzanine floor. This can not only maintain the diversity of goods in storage but also make full use of the warehouse's upper space to save costs for enterprises.

In addition to the parts and components needed in the construction process, warehouse mezzanine floors also need some supporting facilities, such as a lighting system, stairs, cargo exits, etc. So some large warehouse mezzanine floors will sometimes be equipped with rack elevators. The use of the elevator has greatly improved the work efficiency of the warehouse staff, but every year, due to improper operation and other reasons when using the elevator, many safety accidents have also occurred. So what are the precautions when using the warehouse rack elevator?

First of all, the rolling parts of the elevator, such as the pulley and bearing, should be regularly maintained and serviced, and the lubricating oil should be regularly applied or added to avoid the wear of the steel rope due to the lack of lubricating oil during the operation of the machine, leaving a safety hazard.

The warehouse personnel on duty also need to carry out routine tests on the circuit and hydraulic system of the elevator on a regular basis. If there is a short circuit in the circuit, or the cable insulation is aging and broken, or the hydraulic system leaks, etc., the power should be cut off the first time and the personnel around the elevator should be evacuated in time. Contact professional maintenance personnel to repair or replace the corresponding parts. Employees or other non-professional personnel should not deal with it without permission. It is easy to be dangerous without corresponding professional technology and safety protection measures. This is the most important.

The elevator must be fixed on solid ground when it is used, and it should be properly reinforced according to the maximum weight of the goods it needs to carry. Ensure the stability of the lifting frame in operation, and avoid the collapse of the foundation when working at height, resulting in the tilt and collapse of the elevator.

The above three points are the matters needing special attention when using the elevator. Accidents often occur in negligence and carelessness. In order to work safely and improve work efficiency, it is necessary to pay special attention to the abnormalities of the elevator in daily use.
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