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Types of heavy-duty high-level warehouse racks


Warehouse racks are produced to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse. The higher the height, the greater the storage capacity. Therefore, many companies want to customize high-level shelves as long as the warehouse has a certain height. What are the types of high-level shelves for heavy-duty warehouse beam racks?

Common heavy-duty high-level warehouse racks include pallet racks, beam storage racks, gravity racks, steel platforms, mezzanine floors, drive-in racks, radio shuttle racks, three-dimensional automated racking systems, and other rack types. Among them, radio shuttle racks and three-dimensional automated racking systems can realize automatic storage and retrieval of goods, and the height can be designed to be more than 15 meters, which greatly improves the storage capacity and storage and storage efficiency.

High-level warehouse racks are the most commonly used racks in warehouses. The warehouse racks have good picking efficiency and can realize quick access to goods. The main accessories such as the columns and beams of the high-level racks are made of high-quality Q235 steel, and the connection is in the form of a combination of columns and beams.

It can be seen that there are many types of high-level warehouse racks in heavy-duty warehouse beam racks, and there are various ways to store and store goods, and the storage effects are also different. You can choose the appropriate type according to the size and height of the warehouse, the situation of the goods, and the effect of the storage and retrieval of goods to be achieved. Of course, the budget should also be considered. The price of warehouse automated racks is higher than that of non-smart high-level storage racks.

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